El Pájaro Community Development Corporation (EPCDC) endorses the night kitchen!

“Tia came to El Pájaro CDC by taking our 13-week Business Education and Loan Program training. She’s fearless, tenacious, and always looking for ways to improve; she has overcome many challenges. She eventually got into our Kitchen Incubator Program.

Tia has a strong and optimistic personality. She’s very persistent and resourceful, and she has a great support system. She really cares about her product and its quality, and is willing to offer what her customers want; she has been perfecting and testing her product to adapt to market preferences. Tia pays attention to the nitty, gritty details that it takes to run a successful business.

Who doesn’t like cookies?! Tia’s cookies are not your typical cookie; she offers a gourmet, decadent cookie experience at an affordable price. Tia’s cookies incorporate quality ingredients and have a variety of flavor profiles. If you could taste her cookies, you would become loyal customers right away.

Tia has a market that’s waiting for her to have this product. She has people lined up out the door, and all she needs is the extra financial support to get her small business rolling. Right now, a Kiva Zip loan would give Tia the buying power to purchase high quality ingredients in bulk, and to fulfill orders to transform this into a profitable enterprise.” –EPCDC
El Pajaro CDC