The night kitchen is a Santa Cruz cookie company that uses the highest quality ingredients. Each cookie is handcrafted and loaded with chocolate chunks and nuts in every bite. Customers love the night kitchen cookies!

The night kitchen has been invited to feature these cookies at several special events, and the response has been amazing; everyone who tries the night kitchen cookies wants to know where they can buy them. Cookie lovers and foodies of all ages rave about how decadent these gourmet cookies are!

the night kitchen is launching with two cookies: a chocolate chunk walnut and an oatmeal dried cherry. Soon we will be introducing new cookie varieties as well as offering vegan and gluten-free options. The goal is to market this cookie line to coffee shops, delis, ice cream shops, and independent cafes and food stores locally in the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay with plans for future expansion to other parts of Northern and Central California.

We hope to expand the company to fulfill direct sales for events and special occasions.